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Dermy Jersey

$115.00 / Sold Out

This special jersey is to send Dermy, one of my dearest friend to compete in Tracklocross World Championship in Tokyo this coming August.

Thanks to Kyle at GSC and Bobby at Endo for supporting this campaign.

All the proceeds from this campaign will fund Dermy to go to Tokyo.

- Made in Los Angeles by Endo Customs for TTL.
- New Race-Cut by Endo with improved Fabric.

According to my friends..
- 5'8 (173.5cm) & 160 lbs (73kg) wears SMALL (tight)
- 5'9 (175cm) & 170 lbs (78kg) wears MEDIUM (tight)
- 5'7 (172.5cm) & 175 lbs (80kg) wears LARGE (comfortable)
- 5'11 (180cm) & 168 ~ 170 lbs (76~78) wears Medium (tight)
- 6' (182.8cm) & 162 lbs (73kg) wears MEDIUM (tight)
- 6'2 (187.9cm) & 190 lbs (95kg) wears Large (comfy/tight)

- Tight means, snug and feels awesome; like pros!
- You don't really need to size up from your previous endo sizes,
just be prepared to feel awesome.
- If you are afraid, send us an email.

- This is a Pre-Order.
- Takes 4~6 weeks to receive your order.